2015 BIO International Convention

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  • 2015 BIO International Convention
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • Philadelphia
  • USA

2015 BIO International Convention

Event: 2015 BIO International Convention
For 2015, the BIO International Convention is headed to the heart of the US biopharma industry. In close proximity to New York’s financial markets and Washington, DC’s regulatory centre, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area is home to more than 1,200 companies, ranging from the biopharma industry’s largest multinational companies to its fastest growing firms. The region’s vast array of leading universities and research institutions fosters a collaborative environment. In the past 10 years alone, the region has drawn nearly $4 billion in venture capital funding.
Date: 15-18 June 2015
Audience: Businesspeople, biotechnology researchers, venture capitalists, academics
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA.
Join: http://convention.bio.org/attend/ – See more at: http://www.pub.ac.za/newsletter/05-201506/o-3.html#sthash.aM1C67or.dpuf