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Issue 3, February 2015

PUB - Public Understanding of Biotechnology
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Book Review

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Blazing a biotechnology trail: celebrating biotechnology excellence in South Africa

Clinton Wittstock


Public Understanding of Biotechnology (PUB)

Intended Audience:

South African and African biotechnologists, researchers and the general public


Blazing a biotechnology trail was commissioned and produced by PUB to celebrate ten years of the PUB programme. The book profiles 25 individuals that have made a significant contribution to biotechnology in South Africa in the last ten years. This includes South African research heavyweights like Ed Rybicki, Janice Limson and Michael Pepper, but also features up-and-coming researchers and others who have contributed to biotechnology through entrepreneurship or science communication.

The profiles are divided into four themes, based on the recently-published South African Bio-economy Strategy: agriculture, industry and environment, health, and communication. There are also different categories for established and emerging researchers.

The book is written in an engaging and accessible way – stories, rather than CVs – and includes several definitions to help the public better understand recent progress in biotechnology. The book is freely available to download via the PUB website, and physical copies can be procured on request.

You can read more about what went into the creating the book here.

Download a free copy

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