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Issue 5, June 2015

PUB - Public Understanding of Biotechnology
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Upcoming Events

Event: 2015 BIO International Convention
For 2015, the BIO International Convention is headed to the heart of the US biopharma industry. In close proximity to New York’s financial markets and Washington, DC’s regulatory centre, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area is home to more than 1,200 companies, ranging from the biopharma industry’s largest multinational companies to its fastest growing firms. The region’s vast array of leading universities and research institutions fosters a collaborative environment. In the past 10 years alone, the region has drawn nearly $4 billion in venture capital funding.
Date: 15-18 June 2015
Audience: Businesspeople, biotechnology researchers, venture capitalists, academics
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA.

Event: Genomic Epidemiology in Africa

This computational course aims to describe the key aspects of human population genetics and genome-wide association studies (GWAS) so that participants will be able to perform analyses of their own research. The programme will cover both theoretical and practical issues of genetic epidemiology via association analysis, illustrating particular concepts with examples from recent studies in type 2 diabetes, sickle cell disease and malaria.
Date: 21-26 June 2015
Audience: Academic and industry epidemiologists, researchers
Location: University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa

Event: BIOMATH 2015 Satellite International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences

BIOMATH is an international conference devoted to recent research in life sciences based on applications of mathematics as well as mathematics applied to or motivated by biological studies. It is a multidisciplinary meeting forum for researchers who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to the study of phenomena in the broad fields of biology, ecology, medicine, biotechnology, bioengineering, environmental science, etc. At a meeting involving the International Steering Committee and participants in the BIOMATH 2012, it was decided to organise BIOMATH satellite conferences outside Bulgaria in order to extend the BIOMATH experience to other regions in the world.
Date: 12-17 July 2015
Audience: researchers who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to biology, ecology, medicine, biotechnology, bioengineering or environmental science
Location: High Performance Centre (HPC), University of Pretoria, South Africa

Event: 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biotechnology

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biotechnology will focus on “Exploiting current research for harnessing the field of Life Sciences” and aims to strengthen cooperation among relevant organisations and built networks between scientists, researchers, practitioners, students and business executives from around the world to discuss and share the latest knowledge in Science & Technology during this scientific gathering.
Date: 3-4 August 2015
Audience: scientists, researchers, practitioners, students and business executives
Location: Leonia International Centre for Exhibitions & Conventions, Hyderabad, India

Event: European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology (ESSIB 2015)

The European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology (ESSIB) is organised by the University of Stuttgart (Institute of Technical Biochemistry), the University of Milano-Bicocca (Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Department of Chemical Engineering). ESSIB is a complete educational programme based on lectures, practical laboratory experience and contacts with companies active in the field. Topics will include: design of artificial enzymes, evolving enzymes for improved functions and finding new enzymes by data mining.
Date: 31 Aug - 4 Sep 2015
Audience: Post-graduate students and post-doctoral researchers
Location: University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Event: Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) Conference

The 11th annual PHASA conference will bring together a wide range of public health stakeholders to discuss public health and sustainable development for the future of South Africa.
Date: 7-9 October 2015
Audience: policy makers, public health academics and students, health professionals, health service managers, non-governmental and community-based health organisations.
Location: Southern Sun Elangeni, Durban, South Africa

Event: South Africa Meeting on Translational Cancer Research 2015

The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology provides a scientific and educational environment of the highest standard and conducts innovative research in life sciences for the benefit of developing countries. It strengthens the research capability of its members through training and funding programmes and represents a comprehensive approach to promoting biotechnology internationally.
The South Africa Meeting on Translational Cancer Research will bring together scientists, engineers and medical professionals to discuss the latest research in translational cancer treatment.
Date: 12-16 October 2015
Audience: Engineers, oncologists, biotechnology researchers and professionals, molecular biologists
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Join: Call Nurhaan Larnie on +27-21-6507643 or email

Event: 8th International Symposium on Enabling Technologies (ETP 2015)

ETP 2015 provides an open, interdisciplinary forum for interested parties to discuss research and development of innovative tools that extend the bioanalytical capabilities of researchers. Features include a world-class programme of invited speakers from industry and academia, oral and poster presentations from submitted abstracts and exhibitor workshop. Topics for discussion include genomics, proteomics, systems biology, physics, analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, magnetic nuclear resonance (MNR) and technology development.
Date: 1-2 December 2015
Audience: scientists, engineers and technologists
Location: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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